Documents / Publications

Institutionalising Patents in Nineteenth-Century Spain (Palgrave-Macmillan)

Institutional Inventions: The Patent System in the Spanish Colonies during the 19th Century

Technology and the Fates of Three Caribbean Commodities

The global rise of patent expertise in the late nineteenth century 

The history of technology after the global turn

The political economy of the Spanish patent system in an international perspective (1826-1902)

Technological Encounters: locating experts in the history of globalisation

The Caribbean and the Atlantic World Economy: circuits of trade, money and knowledge, 1650-1914

Technology in Latin American History (History of Technology, Bloomsbury)

Technology and Globalisation: networks of experts in world history

Circuits of Knowledge: Foreign Technology and Transnational Expertise in Nineteenth-century Cuba

Patent Agents in the European Periphery: Spain (1826-1902)

Experiments in Modernity: The Making of the Atlantic World Economy

Invención, Nacionalismo Tecnológico y Progreso: el discurso de la propiedad industrial en la España del siglo XIX

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History of Economic Thought (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

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Call for Papers: Technology in Latin American History, Journal History of Technology 

Call for Contributors:  Technology and Globalisation: Networks of Experts in World History

Call for Papers: Industrialización antes de la ISI. Políticas, tecnologías y financiamiento de la industria en América Latina 1870 – 1930 , CLADHE 2016, Sao Paulo